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legs and boots

live bootleg reviews of tori amos and more
Jul 7 '14

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Osaka 1976



The first disc (Mellow My Mind through Heart of Gold) is Neil solo, and after the break he comes back on stage with Crazy Horse. So this really hits all his strengths as a performer. Also the recording is very clean and clear.

  1. Tell Me Why
  2. Mellow My Mind - awesome version with just Neil on banjo and harmonica
  3. After the Gold Rush
  4. Too Far Gone
  5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  6. A Man Needs A Maid
  7. No One Seems to Know
  8. Heart of Gold
  9. Country Home
  10. Don’t Cry No Tears
  11. Down By the River
  12. Lotta Love
  13. Like A Hurricane
  14. The Losing End (When You’re On)
  15. Drive Back
  16. Southern Man
  17. Cinnamon Girl
  18. Cortez the Killer

my rating: 7/10

source: roio

Jul 1 '14

Neil Young - Boulder, CO 1971


Live at the Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; January 27, 1971.

This is a sold-out show that the people who couldn’t get in were rioting outside of! You can hear it most prominently during “A Man Needs A Maid.” I identify strongly with the woman close to the recorder who exclaims “Look at him!” when Neil comes out and yells “YESSSS” when he starts to play “Tell Me Why.” It pisses me off that I wasn’t even alive yet to go see him on this tour, and every time I listen to this and any of his live recordings I can’t help but smiling, both because of the wonderful music and his unpretentious commentary between songs.

I didn’t listen to it all in one sitting today but on and off as I was doing laundry. And even without the sounds on my end, sometimes because of the recording quality it’s tough to make out what he’s saying but despite the noise I love listening to it. Even though I didn’t have it in one “dose” I felt my life significantly improved after hearing the whole thing. Get this show!

  1. On the Way Home
  2. Tell Me Why
  3. Old Man - actually one of my least favorite of Neil’s songs, but I like it played solo in the context of this concert actually
  4. Journey Through the Past - has been one of my all-time favorites ever since I heard it on Time Fades Away
  5. Cowgirl in the Sand
  6. Heart of Gold - interesting to think how people were hearing this song (and “Old Man”) before it came out on Harvest and became one of his greatest hits (and played on the radio to the annoying exclusion of his other compositions)
  7. A Man Needs A Maid - my favorite song
  8. Sugar Mountain - I love the way he talks throughout this song and asks everyone to sing along (“if you don’t know the words, then… burp… or something”) and kind of jokes about the verses he doesn’t think are good. I laughed out loud.
  9. Don’t Let It Bring You Down - a song I never really took note of before, but I was struck by this powerful performance
  10. Love In Mind
  11. The Needle and the Damage Done - very touching, always get the sense that this is one of those songs Neil needed to write because nobody else could
  12. Ohio
  13. See the Sky About to Rain
  14. Dance, Dance, Dance - “it’s a hoedown”

My rating: 10/10

Source: roio

Jun 9 '14

Hole - Electric Factory, Philadelphia 1999




I really love this show. Celebrity Skin is my favorite Hole album - can’t say no to candy-coated songs like “Celebrity Skin” and “Awful.” There is a strong positive correlation between amount of pink glitter and how much I like something. Anyway I came across it because of the versions of “Awful” and “Dying” here. Of course Courtney Love is an inimitable frontwoman and her ridiculous/smart/hilarious commentary adds so much.

That image editing and tagline makes me curious about this “Bleeding Babydoll” and what year they made this. Where are they now? Warning - the audio quality is dodgy. Also as you can read in the list some of the shorter tracks are pinned onto other ones. I feel like there might be a professional recording of this show out there, if I can find it I want it. There are professionally filmed videos you can find on Youtube.

Not perfect, but it has really high highs, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to.

  1. Old Age Intro/Violet
  2. Awful
  3. Pretty On the Inside/Heaven Tonight - “Cameron Diaz wrote this song, I swear to God ask her, we just cover it.” Not just here, Courtney makes a lot of sarcastic comments about all the stupid gossip going around, about how she didn’t write her own songs and how the band is talentless. Which is great if you luv Courtney
  4. Miss World - “Farrah Fawcett and m m sat down and wrote this fucking song, and we’re stealing it.” “Say it with me, ‘We don’t believe what we read, because we’re not stupid!’ FUCK YES!” This is one of those songs that you can mostly just hear the crowd shouting along with it, which makes you wish you were there. Also, Melissa talks about her mega no-sex-no-caffeine-no-alcohol detox.
  5. Reasons to Be Beautiful - imo this song (in general, this performance and others), is one of Courtney’s greatest vocals. I love the “I squashed the blossom and the blossom’s dead” and “miles and miles of perfect skin” parts. At the end, Courtney is surprised and indignant at the appearance of some unforeseen fog machine.
  6. Malibu - patchy sound and all, I like this slightly-rougher version way better than the one on the album.
  7. Dying - my FAVORITE. I love the whispered part at the beginning, how it always feels slightly off-balance. and I love hearing everyone sing along (like usually it bothers me when I can’t hardly hear the musicians but in this show it’s cool). Melissa’s backing vocals are also AWESOME.
  8. Get Ready
  9. Asking for It/All Tomorrow’s Parties
  10. Use Once & Destroy - my favorite Hole song!
  11. Doll Parts - “Jim Carrey wrote this song”
  12. One More Time
  13. Boys on the Radio
  14. Northern Star - Courtney’s voice is beyond wonderful in this song
  15. Hit So Hard - so so so gorgeous
  16. She Walks On Me/Good Sister Bad Sister
  17. Celebrity Skin

My rating: 7/10

Source: holebrasil (download)

Apr 30 '14

Unrepentant Geraldines Promo Tour: Live @ Rough Trade, NYC - 4/29/14


I haven’t been compulsively following the UG news - I just bought Trouble’s Lament and listened once to the previews. (was not tempted to listen to Oysters or Selkie yet) So this is the first set of performances from this era that I’m hearing. The crowd’s going wild, which is wonderful… just makes it hard to hear Tori playing on the recording sometimes.

  1. Parasol - my hope when the press release mentioning all the visual art inspiration came out was that this song and Garlands would become tour staples because they work really well thematically… glad to see we’re getting there! She plays this song really energetically and it definitely stands out from other performances.
  2. Strange
  3. Trouble’s Lament - sounds miles better live 
  4. Selkie - the only reason I know what a selkie is is Lost Girl, so, thanks, TV!
  5. Improv “Menopause”/Ribbons Undone - you know, I really wouldn’t mind hearing this song live. She’s picked up the tempo a bit, made it a little more interesting
  6. Take to the Sky/Datura - BADASS

My rating: 10/10

Source: toricollectibles

Apr 26 '14

Apparently this is the only known live version of “Dark Side of the Sun”… I admit that I’m beginning to like this song a lot. I’m currently downloading the recording of this show.

Apr 19 '14

ojikuma asked:

re: future islands live at amoeba, thanks for doing this for us, what a freaking performance. do you happen to have the track 1 file (inch of dust) that was missing from the zip?

oh yeah, my computer (at least my old one) kept doing that when i made zip files. maybe i’ll reupload the whole thing later, but here’s the mp3

i’m glad other people are listening to it i’m IN LOVE with it

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Apr 7 '14

watercolorstain asked:

you need to listen to the naples boot from 2005 if you haven't yet. it's just a festival appearance, but the quality is great and i don't know what it is about that show, but she is on fire, one of my favorites!

thanks for the suggestion!!! i’m downloading it now and I’m excited to listen to it

Apr 7 '14

Summer Of Sin Tour: Live in Concord - 09/11/05


This is my idea of a perfect setlist - sure, not every song is my absolute favorite, but it flows really well and I’d love to have been there to hear all of them.

  1. Original Sinsuality
  2. Beauty Queen/Horses - I really love “Beauty Queen” with the piano. And this performance of “Horses” is really intense.
  3. Winter - with “peaceful warriors” improv
  4. Barons of Suburbia - this doesn’t have the best sound quality, in the recording I have anyway. Still like the song
  5. Little Earthquakes
  6. Martha’s Foolish Ginger - some guy: “I LOVE YOU TORI!” tori: “fuck off.” no but this is like my fave version
  7. Taxi Ride - a really slow and sad version
  8. Live to Tell - these are pretty generic choices for covers but this one is  well-done, and the first time i can remember not tuning this cover out.
  9. Imagine - Tori says “anyone who suggests not playing this song, you have to wonder what their motives are”… as for me, my motive is that i hate john lennon and think this song is dull as hell. at least Tori adds some personality to it.
  10. Jamaica Inn - very interestingly different with the organ backing in the beginning, sustained for a long time, until the piano enters with “the sexiest thing is trust.”
  11. Cooling
  12. Flying Dutchman - this and cooling aren’t my favorite songs, but these are both very good performances
  13. Spring Haze
  14. The Beekeeper - I really like this song but this isn’t my favorite live version
  15. Amber Waves (first encore) - my favorite performance I’ve ever heard of this song, it’s much better solo than with the band imo, and the organ and her general energy on this tour makes it even more special
  16. Tear in Your Hand
  17. Black Swan (second encore)
  18. Strange

my rating: 10/10

source: toricollectibles

Apr 6 '14
Tori Amos - Martha's Foolish Ginger (Summer Of Sin Tour (Live in Concord - 09/11/05))

Martha’s Foolish Ginger (Live in Concord, 2005/09/11)

Feb 26 '14

Charlotte Martin: 2014-01-17 - Doudna Fine Arts Center


Charlotte Martin’s new album just came out yesterday and I’m already in love with it. A lot of the underlying rhythms of the songs really made me want to hear solo versions so YES let’s look at where this tour has been so far!

  1. Battle Cry - even better solo than the studio version, in my opinion
  2. Is This Called Desire?
  3. Veins
  4. Science and Love - the bridge of this song is fantastic
  5. Crimson Sky > Volcano -  ”Crimson Sky” should be put on a playlist with Tori Amos’ “Raining Blood.” Anyway this is a really elegant transition between the two songs and “Volcano” is one of my all-time faves.
  6. On Your Shore
  7. Darkest Hour
  8. Stromata - the middle of this song is incredibly intense and brilliant when played live, always a favorite
  9. Gravity - among my three super-favorites from the new album
  10. Galaxies
  11. Stalker Song
  12. Redeemed
  13. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  14. Beautiful Life
  15. Your Armor

My rating: 9/10